Ivan Pineda

Ivan Pineda imageIvan Pineda
2017 Freeman-ASIA Scholarship - China
2017 Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship - China

Ivan Pineda, originally from Plant City, FL, is a proud recipient of the 2017 Freeman-ASIA Scholarship and 2017 Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship. These awards enabled him to have study abroad experiences focused on intercultural communication.

During the application process, Ivan worked closely with ONS. "USF and ONS have truly been a blessing for me," he says. "ONS has really helped me with all of their workshops and assistance applying to scholarships. The staff and faculty at USF have always been supportive of my efforts, and I feel like there is a network of success at USF and everyone very much appreciates academic achievements and pursuits."

He attributes his success to his persistence. "It all comes down to hard work and how bad you want to achieve something," says Ivan. "I hold myself accountable and I remind myself every time that there is no excuse not to give 100% in all I do."

In the future, his goals are to secure a place in the CLS scholarship to study in China in 2018, and then obtain a Fulbright UK scholarship for completion of a master's degree in Computer Science in the United Kingdom. Ultimately, he dreams of being an entrepreneur and creating something that will change the way people relate to each other and their environment. His focus will be on environmental solutions to global issues.

Congratulations to Ivan on winning the Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship!

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