Jarie Rawls

Jarie Rawls bio imageJarie Rawls
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (Summer 2017) - Study Abroad in Ghana

Jarie Rawls, originally from Davie, FL, is a proud recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (Summer 2017). This award afforded her the opportunity to inform minorities about studying abroad and help them learn how to get funding for their trip.

During the application process, Jarie worked closely with ONS. "I found out about the Gilman Scholarship through Education Abroad, which is how I met the ONS staff," she says. "ONS was helpful with everything. I would not I have received the Gilman scholarship if it were not for the assistance of ONS and their patience,"

She attributes her success to her initiative and support network. "My family and friends supported me from day one when I made the decision to study abroad," says Jarie. "I worked hard and applied myself to my goal."

In the future, she plans to do community and service work. Jarie hopes to one day start her own non-profit organization, and hopefully give scholarships to college students.

Congratulations to Jarie on winning the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship!

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