Javecia Lewis

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Javecia Lewis
Freeman-ASIA Scholarship (Summer 2017) - South Korea

Javecia Lewis, originally from Punta Gorda, FL, is a proud recipient of the Freeman-ASIA Scholarship (Summer). This award allowed her to work as an intern for Talk to Me in Korean in Seoul, South Korea. She was their main graphic designer. designing images, banners, and e-book covers. She invented concepts and helped designed one of their promotional pins.

During the application process, Javecia worked closely with ONS. "ONS helped me hone my writing for my scholarship," she says. "They helped me strip away the excess and to really delve in deep to why I deserved the opportunity to fulfill my goal of going to Korea. They provided me the outline of how to capture the attention of judges."

She feels she is successful because she is true to herself. "I attribute my success to being honest," says Javecia. "I knew what I wanted and I knew I had to be honest about how I ended up there."

This award has helped Javecia understand the wide range of opportunities available to her. "The award was a gateway of opportunity," she says. "I knew going to Korea was a stepping-stone; I needed to decipher my future and answer questions about possibly making a life abroad after graduation." Since she has returned from Korea, she says the experience provided eye-opening insight into who she is and what she wants.

In the future, she hopes to move to Georgia and obtain a position within her field of Broadcast Production. She also wants to continue learning Korean, and hopes to travel there again.

Congratulations to Javecia on winning the Freeman-ASIA Scholarship!

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