Luis Regalado

Luis Regalado imageLuis Regalado
2017 Frost Scholarship

Luis Regalado, originally from Cali, Colombia, is a proud recipient of the 2017 Frost Scholarship. This award afforded him the opportunity to embark on a fully funded graduate program at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. He begins his MSc in Global Health studies in Fall 2017.

During the application process, Luis worked closely with ONS. "Ms. Lauren Chambers and Dr. Basu are important to mention since they helped me create my application and personal statement," he says. "Without ONS, I would not have been prepared for the interview. They set up a mock interview along with Dean Adams to help me prepare for one of the most important interviews in my life."

He attributes his success to his strong support network. "I owe this success to the huge support system I received throughout my undergraduate years," says Luis. "My parents and brother were always extremely supportive when it came to my classes."

In the future, he will attend Ohio State University Medical School, where he has been accepted for Fall 2019. "The skills I will acquire in medical school will help me reach my goal of one day conducting clinical trials as a surgeon," he says.

Congratulations to Luis on winning the 2017 Frost Scholarship!

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