Shamaria Engram

Shamaria Engram headshotShamaria Engram

2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award

Shamaria Engram is originally from Dover, FL, and is a proud recipient of the 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award. Her research focused on studying innovative approaches to securing cyber systems. Her approach is a novel authentication method called Co-authentication, in which a user uses multiple preregistered devices to authenticate to a resource on a single device.

Shamaria is thankful for the opportunities she has as a USF student. "USF helped me on my journey by allowing me to pursue a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering," she says. "By coming to USF, I have received so many great opportunities to network, travel to conferences, and gain professional development experiences all under the leadership of Mr. Bernard Batson, who has helped me to obtain these various opportunities".

She attributes her success to her faith in God, and in Jesus Christ, for bringing her this far. She also considers her success a result of supportive parents, as well as endless support from her undergraduate advisor Dr. Morrison Obeng. She credits Mr. Bernard Batson for always helping her find new opportunities, fellowships, and professional development opportunities.

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award helped Shamaria fulfill her career goals by allowing her to finish her PhD with full funding. The NSF also partners with a number of federal and government agencies to provide internships to fellows for work experience, which prepares her to make a career path decision upon graduation.

Her future plans include working with either the federal government, federal contracting, or with a research I institution as a professor and advisor to students.

Congratulations to Shamaria on winning the 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award!

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