Shane Clark

Shane Clark jpegShane Clark
2017 Frost Scholarship

Shane Clark, originally from Fleming Island, FL, is one of three proud recipients of the 2017 Frost Scholarship. The Frost Scholarship is awarded to students with exceptional academic achievement for fully funded graduate level study at the University of Oxford.

Shane's coursework focuses on the scientific basis and research practices that are used to study chemically sensitive biological sites. The initial framework of his Pharmacology studies focuses on classroom learning which will culminate in research projects and completing a thesis.

Shane worked closely with ONS throughout the Frost Scholarship application process. "The confidence and trust that has been instilled in me from USF and ONS has truly acted as a catalyst to set me on an amazing path," he says. "A small pebble of belief from those around me eventually rolled into an avalanche that has completely changed the course of my life. To me, USF and ONS will always be a home, a place I can look back to and know I will always be supported. I will always be thankful to the friends and connections I have made at USF and through ONS".

He attributes his success to the people who support him in his endeavors. "Chemistry and biology used to be my worst subjects in high school," Shane says. "However, because of many mentors and my supportive peers, I pushed myself to broaden my disciplines. This support allowed me to pursue many opportunities as an undergraduate at USF including chemistry research and various leadership positions. It is through these experiences that I finally grew to love the sciences. If it weren't for the many people in my life pushing me, I would have never believed in myself enough to apply for these positions. Even so far away in Oxford I still feel the weight of my friends and family pushing me to improve and dream bigger."

Shane knows the Frost Scholarship has afforded him the opportunity to make a lasting impact in his field of study. "I believe that as a physician, it is not enough to simply understand disease symptoms," he says. "Chemistry is the root of all disciplines and biology is its application. Pharmacology blends these sciences in order to understand and cure the pathology of disease. This belief is why I have pursued educational and research opportunities in molecular biochemistry and why I am participating in the MSc in Pharmacology at the University of Oxford."

After completion of his graduate program at University of Oxford, Shane plans to attend the University of Florida School of Medicine. Upon completion of medical school, he hopes to attend residency to become a pediatrician or a family physician. He plans to use pharmacology as the foundation for his career to perform pioneering research and provide personalized care for his patients.

Congratulation to Shane on winning the 2017 Frost Scholarship!

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