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Keller Blackwell
"USF's world-class education equips its graduates with the requisite skillset to bear upon humanity's most pressing concerns; yet separating qualification and aspiration lies a daunting chasm. The development I received at the Office of National Scholars connected the dots between the two. ONS advisors engaged me in intimate, reflective conversations that discovered and articulated my potential. Leveraging academics and scholarships as a starting point, the holistic mentorship at ONS connected me to a global community of innovators eager to seize authorship of our shared future."

-Keller Blackwell
Knight-Hennessy Scholar
Goldwater Scholarship Recipient

Jeannette Myrick

"I discovered ONS during my second undergraduate year at USF. At that time, my goals were a bit scattered. I knew that I wanted to apply for a national scholarship, but I did not know where or how to begin. After being introduced to the ONS advisors, I sought guidance from them throughout my remaining undergraduate years. These advisors quickly became some of my most cherished mentors. They helped me to reflect on my passions, identify my strengths, and connect my loosely-related interests. They also aided me in finding opportunities that were beneficial to my academic and professional journeys. To me, ONS is much more than a resource for national scholarships and fellowships. It is a place where students of all disciplines can find a team of supporters dedicated to their success. Overall, I am so glad that I became involved in ONS. Not only did I become aware of the numerous learning opportunities available to students, but I also found lifelong mentors. Although my undergraduate journey at USF has come to an end, I am delighted that I will always have access to ONS and its exceptional advisors as an alumna."

-Jeannette Myrick
Fulbright U.S. Student Program Recipient

Zach Withers

"Through my involvement in undergraduate research and with the help of the Office of National Scholars (ONS), I was awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship for excellence and prestige in undergraduate research in the spring of 2020. ONS provided an insightful and personable experience throughout the entire application process. They helped me plan, design, and execute my application with detailed precision that would be unachievable without the years of experience that ONS has. From the very beginning, ONS helped me identify experiences that set me apart from other scholars and find academic merit in the work I was doing. I, like many prospective students, could not quite understand the merit of my undergraduate experiences. Through my work at ONS, I am now able to contextualize my academic endeavors at a level that I would not have achieved if I had simply continued my work. This contextualization includes my personal motivations and intrinsic perseverance, which has led me to grow as a person, not just a scholar. Along the way, the ONS provided personal and academic guidance while upholding respect for myself and my goals. After the award season, ONS has remained involved in my academic interests including continued research, coursework planning, future award applications, graduate school search, and graduate school applications. For these reasons, ONS is a vital resource for the development of USF scholars."

-Zachary Withers
Goldwater Scholarship Recipient

Allyson Hoffman

"The Office of National Scholars at USF helped me achieve my academic dream! With the help of the ONS staff, especially Lauren Chambers, I successfully applied for and received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Norway for the 2019-2020 year. Ms. Chambers was incredibly patient, supportive, and attentive throughout my application process and beyond. Not only did she assist me with draft after draft and organizing mock interviews for me, she also checked on me throughout my time in Norway to ensure I was having a positive experience. Her mentorship and support extended far beyond the application process. Any students considering applying for a national scholarship should make the ONS their first stop for assistance!"

-Allyson Hoffman
Fulbright U.S. Student Program Recipient