Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact our Academic Services Administrator by email at jchmiel@usf.edu or our Academic Programs Director at rpape@usf.edu

When is the deadline for Spring and Fall for domestic/international student applications?
The deadlines for Spring are September 15th for international students and October 1st for domestic students. The deadlines for Fall are May 1st for international students and June 1st for domestic students.

What type of jobs do graduates typically obtain?
Graduates typically find a wide variety of jobs within the public sector, the private sector, and with non-governmental organizations. Follow this student resources link to view current job openings.

Who do I contact to apply for graduate certificates?
Toure Rider, Academic Services Administrator
4202 E. Fowler Ave, LIB608
Tampa, FL 33620
(813)  974  9943

Who are the Academic Capstone Experience points of contact?
For the Internship Coordinator:
Winnie Mulamba
(813) 974 8337

For the Research Capstone Director:
Dr. Joseph Dorsey
Director of Food Sustainability and Security
Adjunct Faculty
813 - 974 - 5883

Who do you contact with questions about career development?
You can contact the PCGS Assistant Director:
Kelly Gaskell
Assistant Director
Patel College of Global Sustainability