Academic Program

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Concentration Director :

Dr. Dirk Libaers

Director of Entrepreneurship Concentration



Concentration Description:

The M.S. in Global Sustainability concentration in Entrepreneurship provides students with a comprehensive understanding of concepts, tools, and skills of sustainability and green technology. Focus areas include green technology, development, transportation, energy, and sustainable enterprise.

Learning Outcomes :

  • Apply the basic tools, concepts and entrepreneurial skills in a problem-solving context related to sustainability
  • Understand the principles of intellectual property, examine strategies for protection of new sustainability technologies, and exploit the legal structure to protect the developed sustainable technologies
  • Utilize leadership skills in solving sustainable related complex problems and creating new business opportunities out of them
  • Gain a practical understanding of the financial considerations of valuing and funding new enterprises
  • Market new sustainable innovations and competitive technology tools towards the development of green economy
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the principles and fundamentals of intellectual property, new venture formation, strategic market assessment for new technologies, and venture capital and private equity

Concentration Courses:

  • ENT 6606 New Product Development (Credit Hours: 3)
  • IDS 6239 Principles of Six Sigma for Sustainability (Credit Hours: 3)

Choose one of the following courses:

  • EIN 6934 Technology Venture Strategies (Credit Hours: 3)
  • ENT 6186 Strategic Market Assessment (Credit Hours: 3)
  • ENT 6506 Social Entrepreneurship (Credit Hours: 3)
  • ENT 6706 Global Entrepreneurship (Credit Hours: 3)
  • ENT 6930 Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Credit Hours: 3)
  • GEB 6930 Environmental Law and Issues  (Credit Hours: 3)
  • IDS 6707 Envisioning Sustainability: Tools for 21st Century Communicators of Sustainability Science (Credit Hours: 3)

Course Descriptions

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