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Food Sustainability & Security Certificate

Certificate Description:

Concerns about the sustainability of our planet have made food sustainability and security a top priority worldwide. The goal of this program is to provide students with a foundation in sustainability principles, economics and finance, and, within this context, with a specialized analysis of food systems, policy, and public health issues.

This certificate program will provide a general foundation in sustainability and a solid understanding of key issues in food systems and safety/security. The program will cover (1) the concepts, principles, economics, and finance of sustainability, as well as transition towards a green economy; (2) food production, distribution, marketing, disposal, and policy; and (3) food safety and security regarding biological, chemical, and physical threats. It is designed for an audience of a wide range of backgrounds with career interests in the field of food sustainability and security.


  • IDS 6233 - Concepts and Principles of Sustainability 
  • IDS 6235 - Economics and Finance for Sustainability 


  • IDS 6271 - Future of Food: Environment, Health and Policy ( Highly Recommended )
  • IDS 6270 - Sustainable Food Production
  • IDS 6222 - Navigating The Sustainable Food Energy Water Nexus
  • PHC 6515 - Food Safety 
  • URP 6444 - Global and Community Food Systems 

Course Descriptions

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