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Water Sustainability Certificate

Certificate Description:

Skilled sustainability professionals are needed in order to create effective solutions to the complex global water challenges. This certificate program will equip students with the theory, practice and skills to guide communities and the different sectors in issues of water management. It will enable students to understand the complex regional and global water-related challenges and to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. This program strives to meet the defend of graduates and professions who would like to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their career opportunities in a reasonable time. The program is also attractive for many students who would like to use this as a path towards their M.A. program in global sustainability.

The certificate program is based on a multidisciplinary approach to sustainable water management. It will present water management issues from technological, economics, and policy perspectives. The program will provide students with general knowledge on sustainability and deeper understanding of water management in a sustainable manner. It is open to students from multiple disciplines (engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences) and will build knowledge and skills for holistic and integrated approaches to water management in the face of complex global challenges.


  • IDS 6233 - Concepts and Principles of Sustainability
  • IDS 6235 - Economics and Finance for Sustainability 


  • IDS 6245 - Sustainable Water Resources Management (Highly recommended)
  • IDS 6938 - Navigating The Sustainable Food Energy Water Nexus
  • IDS 6246 - Water Sensitive Urban Design for Sustainable Communities
  • IDS 6247 - Water Resource Planning 

Course Descriptions

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