Sustainability Speakers Series

Sustainability Speaker Series

PCGS is pleased to continue their Speaker Series Program into the 2023 - 2024 academic year. The speaker series was established to create increased knowledge and awareness among our students about innovative sustainability practices in private and public organizations. The goal of the series is to host local, national, and international leaders to present on sustainability policies and practices.

Recognizing the importance of our students obtaining this valuable professional knowledge, PCGS is focused on the success of this program. This series does not only benefit PCGS students but the university as a whole by bringing in diverse speakers from across the world. Your support in the way of sponsoring our speaker series will have a profound impact on the success of our graduate students as they work to find solutions to current and future global sustainability challenges. Thank you for your support and investment in our students' education.

If you are interested in participating in or sponsoring the series, please contact Carol Blair at

fall 2023 Series

Cassie Cordova

Cassie Cordova

Title: Sustainability Manager, City of Clearwater

Presentation: Sustainability projects in the City of Clearwater

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 8, CGS 136 or TEAMS, 4pm; 

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Buck Rollings

Title: Arborist and President

Institution: Omega Field Enterprises

Presentation Title: "The Urban Forest" 

Date: Wednesday, October 11, CGS 136 or TEAMS, 4pm;

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Maryann and Sonny Bishop

Title: Founders

Institution: Rosebud Continuum

Presentation Title: "The Rosebud Continuum" 

Date: Wednesday, October 4, CGS Auditorium or TEAMS, 4pm

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Deborah Kozdras

Title: Co-Founder

Institution: The Solar Professionals Group


Michael Kozdras

Title: Co-Founder

Institution: The Solar Professionals Group

Presentation Title: "Solar professionals" 

Date: Wednesday, September 20, CGS Auditorium or TEAMS, 4pm

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Spring 2023 Series


Sara Behnke

Title: Business Manager for General Aviation

Institution: Hillsborough County Aviation Authority


Melissa Solberg

Title: Senior Manager of the Office of Innovation

Institution: Hillsborough County Aviation Authority


Eric Caplan

Title: Sustainability and Resilience Program Director

Institution: Hillsborough County Aviation Authority

Presentation Title: "Sustainability and Innovation for the Future: How We Got Here, and Where We're Going"

Date: Wednesday, February 15, CGS Auditorium or TEAMS, 4pm

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Amy Pastor Headshot

Title: Vice President of Sustainability

Institution: EXP

Presentation Title: "From Corporate Sustainability to Acheiving Project Goals for Clients: Sustainability Career Opportunities"

Date: Wednesday, February 15, TEAMS, 4pm

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John Kuhn

Title: Professor and Associate Chair

Department: Department of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering

Institution: University of South Florida

Date: Wednesday, March 1st, TEAMS, 3pm

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Nicholas Murdock

Title: Sustainability Program

Institution: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Date: Wednesday, March 8th, TEAMS, 4pm

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Joy Facos

Title: Head of Sustainable Investing and Corporate Responsibility

Institution: Raymond James Investment Management


Bill Breckingridge

Title: Vice President of Facilities & Environmental Sustainability

Institution: Raymond James Investment Management


Kristi Sutherland

Title: Assistant to the Chair

Institution: Raymond James Investment Management


Presentation Title: "Corporate Sustainability In Action "

Date:  Tuesday, April 11th, TEAMS, 4pm

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Joel Brown

Title: Interagency Water

Institution: Pinellas County Utilities

Date: Tuesday, April 18th, TEAMS, 5pm

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Fall 2022

Caleb Quaid

Regenerative Shift

Title: LEED AP BD+C Owner

Institution: Regenerative Shift

Presentation Title:"Regeneration: A practical introduction to nature’s climate solution"

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022

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Royal Family of Serbia

Title: General Manager

Institution: The Office of HRH Crown Prince Alexander

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022

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Ken Levenson

Passive House Network

Title: Executive Director

Institution: Passive House Network

Date: Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Maya van Rossum

Green Amendment Logo

Title: Founder

Institution: Green Amendments For the Generations

Presentation Title: "National Green Amendment Movement"

Date: Thursday, October13, 2022

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Spring 2022

Laura Stargel


Environmental Protection Agency

Title: Sustainability Cordinator and ORISE Research Fellow

Institution: US Environmental Protection Agency

Presentation Title: "Sustainable Tourism and Sport Sustainability: Paving the way for your career"

Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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