Academic Programs

Certificate Completion

Certificate Completion

Once you have completed your graduate certificate requirements, you can request your certificate.

For any of the global sustainability certificates managed by PCGS please follow the instructions below:

In order to receive your completed certificate, you must:

  • Complete all admission and course requirements for a certificate. Note: Students must maintain a 3.0 average in the graduate certificate coursework to be eligible for completion.
  • Complete the Graduate Certificate Completion Form.
  • Submit the completed form to PCGS Academic Program Director, Randall Pape (

PCGS will:

  • Confirm the satisfactory completion of certificate course requirements.
  • Sign the completion form and obtain the appropriate college dean's signature.
  • Send the signed form to the Office of Graduate Certificates

Once the form is submitted, the Office of Graduate Certificates will:

  • Notify the USF Office of the Registrar of completion so that the student's transcripts can be updated.
  • Order a formal certificate of completion through DiploMatic.