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  Concentration Description:

The M.A. in Global Sustainability concentration in Entrepreneurship provides students with a comprehensive understanding of concepts, tools, and skills of sustainability and green technology. Focus areas include green technology, development, transportation, energy, and sustainable enterprise.


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Concentration Directors:

Dr. Richard Berman

Co-Director of Entrepreneurship Concentration

Dean Berman


Dr. Michael W. Fountain

Co-Director of Entrepreneurship Concentration

Dr. Michael Fountain

Concentration Courses (9 credit hours)                  Choose three: 

  • IDS 6938 Six Sigma Principles for Sustainability (3)– Pending Approval

The Six Sigma methodology provides a proven framework for businesses and organizations to systematically solve complex problems, and charter a path of continuous improvement. The journey of sustainability in an organization is a “continuum”, and the application of Six Sigma principles is very appropriate for successful implementation of sustainability projects and initiatives. The objective of this course is to learn the various tools of Six Sigma and their applicability, and explore real life scenarios where these tools could be used for long term value creation in sustainability

*This course is only available on-campus. 

  • ENT 6116 - Business Plan Development (3) 

The first part of the course focuses on developing the effective written and oral communication skills students will need in preparing and presenting their business plans to investors. The second part of the course is focused on how to develop an effective business plan. Student teams will develop a business plan for either an opportunity developed by students or one by an entrepreneur in the local community. Business plans developed by student teams will be presented before a panel of local entrepreneurs for evaluation and critique in a business plan competition format.

*This course is only available on-campus.

  • ENT 6186 - Strategic Market Assessment for New Technologies (3)

In concert with the nationally-recognized USF Center for Entrepreneurship, this program will teach students the applicable entrepreneurial skills they need to solve problems related to sustainability. Additionally, students will learn the fundamentals of intellectual property, new venture formation, legal structure, strategic market assessment for new technologies, venture capital, and private equity for sustainable enterprises.

*This course is only available on-campus.

  • ENT 6930 - Global Entrepreneurship (3)

Students will be exposed to exporting/importing, international franchising, foreign direct investment, joint ventures, and are studies within the study of International Entrepreneurship as well as the importance of understanding cross-cultural differences.

*This course is only available on-campus.

  • IDS 6938 - Entrepreneurship with a Social Impact (3) OR ENT 6930 - Social Entrepreneurship (3)

This course will provide students with real-world, hands-on learning experience to learn how to successfully transfer knowledge into products and processes that benefit society and the entrepreneur.

Together, these skills will develop the future leaders of sustainable business and enable graduates to solve complex problems related to sustainability.

*This course is only available on-campus.

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On successful completion of this program, participants should be able to: 

  • Apply the basic tools, concepts and entrepreneurial skills in a problem-solving context related to sustainability
  • Understand the principles of intellectual property, examine strategies for protection of new sustainability technologies, and exploit the legal structure to protect the developed sustainable technologies
  • Utilize leadership skills in solving sustainable related complex problems and creating new business opportunities out of them
  • Gain a practical understanding of the financial considerations of valuing and funding new enterprises
  • Market new sustainable innovations and competitive technology tools towards the development of green economy
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the principles and fundamentals of intellectual property, new venture formation, strategic market assessment for new technologies, and venture capital and private equity

For more information about this concentration, please contact the PCGS Academic Programs Director,

Randall Pape