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Food Sustainability & Security Concentration

Concentration Director :

Dr. Joseph W. Dorsey

Associate Professor  
Director of Food Sustainability and Security
Director of Academic Capstone Experience (ACE)

Dr Dorsey

Concentration Description:

The M.A. in Global Sustainability concentration in Food Sustainability and Security provides students with a solid understanding of key issues in food systems and safety/security. 

Learning Outcomes :

  • Identify the key stakeholders of the food system (production, processing, distribution, waste)
  • Articulate challenges and issues in the food system and ways to improve its sustainability
  • Understand the impact of the food industry on public health and the role of safety and sanitation in food security
  • Discuss the role of planners, government, and community organizations in food system development
  • Understand regulatory and policy issues in the food sector
  • Study efforts in the public health sector to prevent foodborne disease outbreaks
  • Discuss consumer concerns regarding GMOs, pesticides, bioterrorism, and agroterrorism

Concentration Courses:

  • IDS 6270 - Sustainable Food Production
  • IDS 6271 - The Future of Food: Environment, Health, and Policy
  • IDS 6275 – Policy for Sustainability
  • IDS 6210 - Bioresources for a Sustainable Future 
  • IDS 6276 - Navigating The Sustainable Food-Energy-Water Nexus
  • IDS 6244 - Waste Not, Want Not: Reconsidering Waste, Re-purposing Wasted Resources
  • PHC 6515 - Food Safety 
  • URP 6444 - Global and Community Food Systems

 Course Descriptions

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