Academic Capstone Experience

Getting Started

How to start the process:

  1. Complete your PCGS profile when you begin the program, and submit your profile to the Interim Internship Coordinator, Winnie Mulamba, at Based on your profile, you'll be matched with opportunities that best suit your experience, skills and interests. You can view a sample PCGS profile here.

  2. Before you choose which track to pursue, you are required to meet with your Concentration Director and discuss which capstone track would be best suitable for you. Please begin to prepare for the ACE at least TWO semesters prior to when you plan on completing the requirement. The earlier you begin preparing, the better.

  3. Once you've decided on a track, you'll meet with the Internship Coordinator, Winnie, or the Capstone Director, Dr. Joseph Dorsey, to continue the process.

If you choose the internship track, you can go to "Concentrations" and see our partner list. If you don't see an opportunity that you'd like to pursue and wish to pursue another internship, please discuss your options with your Concentration Director for approval.

If you choose the research project track, you will work entirely with your Concentration Director on the development and the deliverables of your project.

With both the internship and research projects tracks, you must submit either the Internship Project Agreement (IPA) or the Research Project Agreement (RPA) the semester before you plan to do your ACE. Once this is approved and submitted, you will be registered and may begin the ACE.