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The Patel College of Global Sustainability offers assistance in finding internship opportunities for their students. Below is a list of concentrations that our offered by the college. Clicking on a concentration will take you to a page that will provide you with a list of internships that are relevant to that specific concentration. After looking through the lists you may find an internship that does not fall under your desired concentration, however, you can still apply for the internship. Please note that these internships are not locked by concentration. If you find that you are taking interest in an internship that is not listed under your concentration, please feel free to contact PCGS for guidance on how to proceed.


Featured Internship Opportunities

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Tampa Bay Water
A demand management co-op at Tampa Bay Water will have the opportunity to work with a diversified group of staff who are helping the agency provide clean, safe drinking water in the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.
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The position is supporting Watermech and WECONNEX in analyzing the current market situation, providing information on the feasibility of the projects. This task involves a lot of discussions with various stakeholders, finding new project partners, developing technical solutions and coming up with suggestions to plan the project. Field visits as well as online research are involved in the process. At the end of the internship, a full business plan for either project including a feasibility analysis shall be presented.
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WE & B
Water, Environment and Business for Development (WE&B) is a consulting company with a focus on the Water and Environment sectors where we specialize in Social and Business Innovation. Our highly educated and globally experienced team participates in research projects to remain at the cutting edge of innovation while possessing the skill and expertise to adapt and enhance these innovations to bring them to our clients in the development sector.
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