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Sustainable Energy Concentration

Concentration Director:

Dr. George Philippidis

Associate Professor
Director of Sustainable Energy Concentration

Dr. Philippidis

Concentration Description:

The Sustainable Energy Concentration uses expert knowledge and real-world expertise to prepare students for the growing field of renewable energy, which is expected to increase dramatically over the next decades, as the U.S. and other countries seek to become more sustainable by increasingly switching to renewable fuels and power. Students will be prepared for private and public sector positions of leadership and responsibility in the biofuels, solar, wind, biomass, and other renewable energy sectors. The concentration is designed for students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of renewable fuels and renewable power in today's and tomorrow's economy
  • Comprehend the entire supply chain of renewable energy
  • Understand the spectrum of renewable energy technologies currently employed and under development
  • Become familiar with the economics and finance of renewable energy production
  • Understand environmental, regulatory, and sustainability issues as renewable fuels and power spread around the world

Concentration Courses:

  • IDS 6207 - Renewable Transportation Fuels
  • IDS 6208 - Renewable Power Portfolio
  • IDS 6210 - Bioresources for a Sustainable Future 
  • IDS 6275 - Policy for Sustainability
  • IDS 6276 - Navigating The Sustainable Food Energy Water Nexus
  • IDS 6938 - Energy Resources: Policy, Society and Innovation
  • ECH 5931 - Solar Energy and Applications
  • EEL 6935 - Sustainable Energy

Course Descriptions

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