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Sustainable Transportation Concentration

 Concentration Director:

Subrata Bandy, PE

Director of Sustainable Transportation Concentration

Dr. Bertini

Concentration Description:

The M.S. in Global Sustainability concentration in Sustainable Transportation teaches methods for achieving a more sustainable transportation system and how that system fits into efforts to improve community design and the livability of urban areas.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the concept of sustainable transportation and how transportation and land use planning practices impact modal options, public health, the natural and built environment, the economy, community cohesion, and social equity.
  • Become familiar with public transportation options, as well as innovations in urban transportation, such as car sharing, bike sharing, automated vehicles, electric vehicles, and intelligent transportation systems.
  • Become familiar with data, analytic tools and performance measures used in sustainable transportation decision-making.
  • Apply multimodal transportation planning concepts and best practices, such as context-sensitive solutions, smart growth, and complete streets.
  • Analyze the opportunities and constraints for implementing sustainable transportation planning solutions and be able to critically analyze sustainable transportation policies and programs.

Concentration Courses:

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