The Sustainable Development Goals Action Alliance Kicks Off Fall 2021 with 9 PCGS Interns

The SDG Action Alliance, housed at PCGS, is now in its second year as the UN partnership center for USF. The SDG AA welcomes a new group of interns for fall 2021. Continuing interns include Sheila Sullivan (Climate Activism and Plastics Solutions Project Coordinator), Courtney Wright (Social Media and Youth Coordinator), and Tim Penoyer (Social Media and Plastics Solutions Project Coordinator). The new interns will work on several projects from promoting sustainable tourism with virtualization technologies to aligning the City of Tampa with the SDGs. We welcome aboard Digital Interpretation & Virtual Product Coordinators Sophia Annis and Samantha Vorce, Sustainable Tourism Consulting Coordinator Jesse Coates, Cultural Heritage Coordinator Alison Farr, Cities and the SDGs Project Coordinator Brittney Glennon and Sustainable Business Planning and Project Coordinator Luke Westlake. All the interns will submit abstracts to present their work which includes, using virtualization technologies to promote sustainable tourism (Jesse Coates, Ali Farr, Sophia Annis, and Samantha Vorce), a pilot study on composting textiles to address sustainable fashion (Jasmine Sietz and Ericka Leigh), aligning the SDGs with the City of Tampa (Brittney Glennon and Luke Westlake) and research on reduction and composting of single-use plastics (Sheila Sullivan, Tim Penoyer, Courtney Wright). The upcoming World Sustainability Conference: Repositioning and Transitioning Global Sustainability beyond COVID-19 is on Nov. 13, 2021.

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Pictured above is the new Sustainable Tourism interns of the SDG AA: Samantha Vorce, Jesse Coates, Sophia Annis, and Alison Far (left to right)