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PCGS Alumna's NGOs Helping the World

October 30th, 2017
By: Emily Munger

Aja Estro

Aja Estro, PCGS class of 2014 alumna, has dedicated her post graduate life to ground up movements that focus on specific needs of villages to improve quality of life and protect the environment. After studying in Malawi, Africa in 2014, Estro observed that the basic needs of the people were not being met. She knew how to make a difference. It was at this time that she created Just One Humanity.

Just One Humanity focuses on health, education, water, food and the environment. Estro wanted to bridge the gap between people having access to basic needs and also to help conserve the environment. The sole purpose of her organization is to improve quality of life while maintaining biodiversity and connect us all as Just One Humanity.

Aja's team works by building communities through respect and trust by planning out how to take on the most important issues. The most current project includes afforestation, eco-stoves, livestock management, permaculture, primary education, refugee aid, sanitation, and water security. Just One Humanity serves as a foundation for self-sustainability and environmental stewardship by working to meet the essential basic needs for all.

Aja Estro

Aja's second organization Compassion Kind works with governments, institutions, local leaders, foundations and businesses around the world. The shared goal is to ensure that those in most need get the assistance they need to sustain themselves from within the community. Aja's NGOs focus on implementing ground up techniques in order to make a long-term impact, as efficiently as possible.

"Compassion Kind is a global humanitarian and animal welfare organization," said Aja. "We are inspiring global citizens to extend their circle of compassion to all kinds through education, advocacy, relief work and community projects."

Compassion Kind is currently providing relief efforts in Puerto Rico by helping to reconnect families, deliver basic supplies, and rescue animals. Estro is collecting information from the most devastated areas to provide the comforting news that families and friends are alive and well. While supplies are being delivered to ports and airports, Aja realized that they are not reaching some of the most affected areas of the island. Her team brings shipments and donations to those most in need. Aja's team is also focusing on animals affected by the hurricane, working to rescue those that were left behind in some of the most damaged areas. The team is housing them in Tampa Bay Area shelters and working with partners in the U.S. to plan for their relocation.

In addition to providing relief efforts to Puerto Rico, Compassion Kind also has other current projects around the world such as working to save the last pack of wild dogs in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, to providing humane education to children, by working with schools supplying necessary resources and tools the students need to excel.

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Please email Emily Munger ( on how you can donate to help provide relief to Puerto Rico.