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CEO of Algae Tech Company Cellana Visits PCGS to Discuss Collaboration

September 28th, 2017
By: Dr. George Philippidis


On Sep. 25 Martin Sabarsky, CEO of Cellana, a leading algae technology company, visited PCGS to meet with Dr. George Philippidis, Associate Professor and Director of the Biofuels & Bioproducts Lab. They discussed PCGS' leadership in sustainability education and experiential learning, the College's cutting-edge R&D in algae and algae products, and Cellana's interest in developing and commercializing the production of renewable nutraceuticals and chemicals from algae.

San Diego-based Cellana is developing technologies to produce a portfolio of renewable products, such as omega-3 fatty acids, from microalgae cultivated at its outdoor facilities in Hawaii. An independent federal study has identified parts of Florida in general and the Tampa Bay area in particular as a top location for commercial algae production, so the two men discussed possible collaboration between Cellana and USF that will serve well the missions of both parties (commercial, research, and educational).

On Sep. 26 Mr. Sabarsky gave a seminar about Cellana's business model and research efforts to the students of Dr. Philippidis' class "Renewable Transportation Fuels" at PCGS.