Dr. Dorsey's Civic Engagement with the City of Treasure Island


The City of Treasure Island is faced with many environmental issues confounded by the already-apparent effects of sea-level rise. Through community outreach and a thorough strategic planning process, the local community has made it clear that it strives to become a sustainability leader in the State of Florida. This coming year, Treasure Island plans to reimagine its comprehensive plan and work towards developing a sustainability and resiliency plan. Through this sustainability and resiliency plan, the City of Treasure Island will set meaningful benchmarks and develop an engagement and education platform to involve residents, businesses, and visitors alike

The City of Treasure Island has identified several sustainability objectives including climate change resiliency and post-disaster recovery planning with education and outreach via clear, consistent messaging. Adoption of a multifaceted sustainability plan that incorporates baselines from which measurable long and short-term goals can be set against. Creation of a connected community both socially via equitable programming and physically via social engagement, sustainable events, walking/biking/waterway connectivity to parks, neighborhoods, and attractions.