Dr. Joseph Dorsey Awarded the Certificate of Global Contribution at the USF World, Global Excellence Awards


On Thursday, October 20, 2022, USF World hosted the Global Excellence Awards Breakfast. The annual Global Excellence Awards is to recognize the outstanding work of the faculty, staff, administrators, and university organizations and their distinguished contribution to the global reputation of the University of South Florida. The theme of the 2022 Global Excellence Awards was “Celebrating Over a Decade of Success” as they acknowledged the USF World’s excellence in the past, present, and future missions.

Representing the Patel College of Global Sustainability, Dr. Joseph Dorsey, PCGS Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Director of Food Sustainability and Security, was awarded the Certificate of Global Contribution as a USF World Global Steward. Thanks to his significant impact on the university and global communities, this was a remarkable achievement for PCGS in general and for Dr. Dorsey in particular. Dr. Dorsey has worked extensively with community groups on social and environmental issues in Detroit and Flint, Michigan, Cincinnati, Ohio, and St. Petersburg, Florida. Prior to his doctoral career, Joseph was a Peace Corps Volunteer Nutritionist in West Africa, a Public Health Nutritionist with the WIC Program in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, and a Clinical Nutritionist in Washington,

D.C. in the United States. At PCGS, he teaches various graduate sustainability core courses and food concentration courses. Undeniably, Dr. Dorsey's academic contribution to education and research is vital for the future advancement of PCGS and the growth of many generations of students.

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