When Oct 17 & 18 , 2019
Where USF Patel Center For Global Solutions

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The conference will provide a platform to :

  •       Learn
  •       Share
  •       Network
  •       Innovate
Conference Speakers

Coca - Cola
Bruce Karas                                                      VP, Env. and Sustainability, Safety & Tech Info

Rohan Patel                                            Director, North America, Policy and Business Development.
Eric Austermann                                            VP, Social & Environmental Responsibility
BMS                                                          Victoria Emerick                                    Director, Global Env., Health, Safety and Sustainability                                                        For Bio click here
Adam Liddle                                              Global Sustainability Manager
Paul Stauder - CEO
Natali Archibee - Corporate Sustainability Manager - Mosaic (USA and Canada)
Don Smith Director, North America, Environment Safety, Security and Sustainability
Michael Hewett - Director, Environment & Sustainability
Arizona State University
Anthony Evans - Senior Researcher
Tampa International Airport
Justin Smith - Project Director      Architecture & Sustainability
Smart Cities Tampa
Vik Bhide - Chief Transportation Planner
Interface Polymer Group
Janice Loppe, Senior Director            Business Development & Community Relations
Fat Beet Farm
Tim Curci, Founder and President
City of Orlando
Chris Castro - Director of Sustainability
City of Atlanta
John Seydel - Director of Sustainability

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What is Circular Economy:

The linear ‘take, make, dispose’ model of consumption assumes unlimited quantities of easily accessible resources (i.e., virgin materials and energy), and is not sustainable in the long run. Improving efficiency in a linear economy reduces the rate of consumption of resources per unit, but does not address the finite nature of the planet’s resources. In contrast, Circular Economy is restorative by design, relies on renewable energy, minimizes the use of virgin resources, and eliminates waste by maximizing the reuse value of materials at the end of each use. Transition to Circular Economy also has the promise to foster innovation and create a new paradigm in sustainable business enterprises.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the Circular Economy concept is gaining traction in the US because of the opportunities it offers businesses willing to capture new value from existing operations and resources, for example by redesigning products and business models, building new relationships with customers, harnessing technology to increase the utilization of assets, and switching to renewable energy.

Conference :

The Patel College of Global Sustainability is hosting its Annual Global Sustainability Conference in Tampa, Florida on October 17-18, 2019. The key theme of the conference will be the concepts and applications of Circular Economy. Speakers will be invited from Ellen MacArthur Foundation who pioneered the concept in EU, executives from multinational companies which embrace the concepts of Circular Economy, academic professionals advancing the research on the concepts and social entrepreneurs who are passionate about the long term sustainability of the planet.

Specific areas of discussion will include sustainability in

  •          Food and Beverage Industries
  •          Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  •          Hi-tech Industries
  •          Energy and Utility Sectors
  •          Smart cities and governments 

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