Harvard Rockefeller Fellowship Alumni Reunion’s Evening at USF

The annual Harvard Rockefeller Fellowship Alumni Reunion was one of the most inspirational and inclusive events ever hosted by the Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS). This year's reunion was organized by Dr. T.H. Culhane, PCGS Director of Climate Mitigation and Adaption, and a Harvard Rockefeller Fellowship Alumnus himself. Dr. Culhane welcomed PCGS students, faculty, staff, and everyone among their friends, family, and neighbors. PCGS has been upholding the spirit of the Michael C. Rockefeller Fellowship, celebrating diversity in age, gender, and color while moving toward social and environmental justice altogether.

Pursuing distinctive paths, this group wove fascinatingly into the fabric of the PCGS and the Rosebud Continuum tapestry that one could not easily distinguish background institutional affiliation. Throughout the event, everyone enthusiastically embraced the sustainability principles that PCGS upholds and practices. Such an experience left everybody feeling healthy and stimulated, sometimes provoked into edifying conversations.

The highlight of the night was when Shirley Boyd, Assistant Director of Business & Administrative Services at PCGS, led the group to the MLK Memorial Fountain on the USF campus. Participants took turns reading the "I Have A Dream..." speech engraved into the stones in proud loud voices. "This was such a dream reunion come true!", said Dr. Culhane.