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Keys to the Blue Community

February 28, 2018
By: Emily Munger

David Randle with Longboat Key

In March, Dr. David Randle, Rebecca Tobias and PCGS Alumni Jerry Comellas of the Blue Community Consortium presented the first Blue Community certification to The Resort at Longboat Key Club.  Dr. Randle, PCGS Concentration Director of Sustainable Tourism, has worked tirelessly to address environmental issues throughout his career, working alongside the Blue Community throughout various campaigns and committees he sits on.  Randle is the Director for Waves of Change International, an organization that prioritizes the preservation of the coastal habitat and marine environments.

The Resort at the Longboat Key Club is the first club to receive the Blue Community Certification. This certification was accepted by Mr. Rick Benninghove, Operations Manager at the Resort at Longboat Key Club.   PCGS is a founding member of the Blue Community Consortium and affiliate of the UNWTO and the UNWTO Blue Community Sustainable Tourism Observatory.

The Blue Community Consortium motivates communities to protect their marine environments. This Consortium provides a network that allows for global sharing of the best sustainability practices from UNWTO International Sustainable Tourism Observatory members. With the marine environment facing multiple threats from pollution to climate change, the Blue Community responds with simple programming solutions such as ocean cleanups ecosystems restoration.

Blue Community Certification prioritizes the protection and restoration of coastal life amongst lodges, resorts, and attractions. The certification program has 12 Blue Community strategies that stemmed from the collaboration with the Walt Disney Company. The Blue Community is the way for local communities to start locally protecting our marine habitat and reversing current threats for years to come.