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PCGS is pleased to share the exciting news that our college will be virtually hosting our 2nd Global Conference, titled Global Conference on Resiliency & Sustainability during the Pandemic, next week on April 8th & 9th. This year’s conference will focus on the numerous challenges that organizations have faced during the global pandemic. It replaces our 2nd conference originally planned for October 2020. Our conference will have several panelists who will be representative of corporate leaders, academia, government, and non-profit thought leaders. The topics will include innovations and strategies to address climate change, disaster resiliency, technology, engineering and infrastructure, renewable energy, and best practices in sustainability. Our 2nd Global conference will be an enlightening conference where thought leaders in the field of sustainability can come together and share key innovations in the wake of the changes in our society. It will build upon the lessons learned from our 1st Global Sustainability Conference, held in October 2019 at USF Tampa.

Be sure to RSVP on our Eventbrite by Friday, April 2nd in order to receive the link for the conference.

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