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PCGS Partnership with Dunedin: The update
April 25, 2018
By: Emily Munger

The City of Dunedin has been working with PCGS faculty members Dr. Joseph Dorsey, Dr. George Philippidis and Dr. Kebreab Ghebremichael and their students on several projects. PCGS graduate students have been able to conduct studies on Carbon Footprint Diet/Greenhouse Gas Audit and Solar Energy Leadership. Professors took integrative approaches to these projects and incorporated them into the students' coursework. Under the mentorship of a PCGS faculty member, students developed strategies to address real world situations.

Last week, Dr. Dorsey and his class traveled to Dunedin and met with the Dunedin Sustainability Coordinator and City Planner. Their visit consisted of traveling to three different locations: the Dunedin Community Center, the Blue Jays Stadium and a lot where Dunedin is breaking ground for a new government center.

"This project is giving my fellow colleagues and I real world experience", said PCGS student, Ashlee Painter. "This learning experience will benefit students in future classes, during research, and in the workforce", according to Ashlee.

On June 19th, Dr. Dorsey and his students will lead a presentation to the City Council of Dunedin. Future projects with the city are being considered.