PCGS Students and Faculty’s Visit to Tampa International Airport (TIA)

Tampa International Airport (TIA) is collaborating with students and faculty from the Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) to evaluate and recommend an implementable plan to transition to sustainable, green, efficient, and renewable energy operations infrastructure at TIA.

PCGS students from the “ESG Investing for Sustainability” course taught by Dr. Pradeep Haldar, a PCGS faculty member, visited the airport in late August to get a comprehensive tour of the facilities, including their brand-new LEED-certified SkyCenter, the outdoor garden terrace, solar array, central utility plant, main terminal, express lanes, and the Flamingo art piece. Hosts Jeff Riddle, Eric Caplan, and Melissa Solberg provided an amazing overview of the airport’s history, a master plan for growth, innovation initiatives, and sustainability and resilience programs.

The students will review TIA’s existing sustainability report that provides information for its stakeholders on the organization’s sustainability, environmental, social, and governance strategies. The goal is to develop and provide TIA with a list of priority recommendations for future sustainability planning that will serve as a powerful tool for identifying short-term and long-term investments that could provide potential savings, lead to higher performance, and provide sustainable and resilient operations.