Professor Haldar travels to India to complete the prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship


Professor Pradeep Haldar from PCGS has traveled to Coimbatore in India to complete his final assignment for his prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship in April and May of 2022. His work will involve developing comprehensive teaching, research, and entrepreneurship environment to encourage the commercialization of sustainable energy-related technologies by initiating collaboration amongst industry and academia in the US and India.

Major Objectives of his visit to the host organization, PSG Institute of Advanced Studies (PSG-IAS), Coimbatore, India, as a Fulbright-Nehru scholar: Advance the science and engineering research base of sustainable technology innovations as well as provide training for creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem within this field in India, by leveraging PSG-IAS’s synergistic intellectual assets related to unique state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. Professor Haldar will use his expertise to provide mentoring on training and commercialization initiatives amongst faculty, students, and industry researchers at PSG-IAS.

His visit will help advance the science and engineering research base of sustainable energy innovations. Examples of his activities will include: (a) providing lectures and seminars on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in clean energy and sustainability” to graduate and undergraduate students and training faculty on the skills required to manage R&D projects and start technology ventures; (b) organizing an internal scouting effort to identify potential technologies and student entrepreneurs amongst the institute's community at an early stage; (c) serving as technology and commercialization advisor to teams of students and faculty interested in creating new ventures; (d) providing coaching and mentorship to students and faculty to develop business plans/models; (e) introducing a network of potential investors, strategic industry partners to researchers; and (f) training teams to make effective presentations to articulate their ideas. The goal is to create a comprehensive sustainable and entrepreneurial environment at the host institution.