Student Development PCGS 2022 Speaker Series


Wednesday, March 2nd
Robert Bunting, Chief Executive Officer, The Climate Adaptation Center, Inc
"How Climate Warming Will Impact SW FL in 2030, 2040, 2050 and What To Do About It"

Bob Bunting is a scientist and serial entrepreneur, high technology start-up expert, and educator who earned his Master’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences from Saint Louis University. He is also the CEO of The Climate Adaptation Center (CAC) a Sarasota-based independent 501(C) (3) whose mission is to bridge the gap between the latest scientific research and the public’s understanding of our changing climate and how it impacts where we live. It is the prototype for future CACs in different markets.
Bob has worked in government, industry, and academia. He was the Director of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research UCAR, where he was a scientist and executive vice president. He also was co-founder of the UCAR Foundation where he commercialized technology used for atmospheric and climate research and founded the Corporate Affiliates Program.
In addition, he was a lead forecaster for the National Weather Service and scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). He was COO and co-founder of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Foundation, which oversees the commercialization of all intellectual property generated by NCAR.



Wednesday, March 9
Angela Persaud-Reddy, MD, MBA, Co-Founder of PBLM (Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement)
"Food, Health, and Disease"

Dr. Persaud-Reddy is a board-certified physician in both Internal medicine and lifestyle medicine. She works as a Medical Executive in the healthcare space. Dr. Persaud-Reddy has been involved with almost every component of healthcare delivery. She has practiced in the pre-hospital, hospital, academic, outpatient, and worked in healthcare operations. With over 20 years of clinical experience, she noticed the cost of healthcare rising coupled with exponential growth in chronic diseases. This was the impetus that motivated her to pursue an executive MBA from the University of South Florida where she graduated in 2021 on the dean’s list. Her expertise is in population health, value-based care, and topics in health disparity. Dr.Persaud-Reddy hopes to play a vital role in transforming the delivery of healthcare, where maintaining health takes priority over managing the disease. She and her husband founded, a non-profit community organization that focuses on educating and empowering the community on the pillars of lifestyle medicine. She is a public speaker who reaches out to the local community and educates them about lifestyle medicine. Dr.Persaud-Reddy lives in Tampa Bay Florida with her husband and three children. She enjoys traveling, taking nature walks, cooking plant-based cuisines, public speaking, and conducting educational seminars on health and wellness.