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Suncoast Compost: Make Food Dirt Again

February 28, 2018
By Emily Munger

The creation of food waste continues to be a problem in the creation of a sustainable future. Landfills are full of food and everyday items that could be composted instead. Suncoast Compost is a business that can turn your food waste into soil. This business offers residents, businesses, and events in Tampa Bay the opportunity to compost their waste instead of sending it to the landfill. To Suncoast Compost, every little bit matters. One of the most interesting ways that they combat food waste is through a compost pick up service. Curbside composting is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to move towards a more sustainable future. When your curbside compost is picked up it will go back to a farm run by Paul & Kali, the founders of Suncoast Compost and alumni of USF. From here your food is turned into rich compost by maggots. Suncoast compost offers its clients the chance to reclaim their food-turned-compost to nourish gardens, flowers or trees.

You might be asking: what is composting, and why should you should do it? Composting is a natural process that turns fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, bread, unbleached paper napkins, coffee filters, eggshells, meats and newspaper into a dark rich substance. Composting has numerous environmental benefits such as reduction in water pollution and methane gas. When food is kept out of landfills and is composted, the production of methane gas is limited. When food is left in a landfill, it breaks down without oxygen and produces methane gas that is 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Food waste is a fuel for microscopic life, plants, and other organisms that support our way of life. All of your food waste can be composted with Suncoast Compost and later turned into soil to grow more food in your community.

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