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Tabling At Florida State Fair

By:Dr. Brooke Hansen

Dr. Brooke Hansen, Director of Sustainable Tourism, organized a project for PCGS to have an educational booth about sustainability at the Florida State Fair. The fair is one of the biggest tourism events in Tampa, drawing over 500,000 people each year. Over twenty five PCGS students signed up for mini-internships as Sustainability Outreach Educators to talk to the public about the college’s concentrations, certificates, events, and projects led by faculty and students.

 Students from Dr. Culhane's Food Energy Water Nexus classes received credit and training in "communicating sustainability" for demonstrating and explaining HomeBiogas and other nexus systems at the event. In addition to students, PCGS faculty spent time at the booth as well, sharing some of their latest projects with the public. Dean Govindan Parayil also came by to partake in the festivities.