Alumni Highlights


Winnie Mulamba is a 2018 PCGS grad from Kenya. She became interested in sustainability because she wanted to help people get the resources that they needed. She saw that the small scale farmers weren’t flourishing. Her job at the time didn’t have opportunities for advancement like she wanted. So she set out on a new journey of applying to various schools and jobs that involved food production and sustainability.

Mulamba was attracted to PCGS from the start. All the concentrations were attractive to her and she wanted to learn everything. She was able to narrow down which concentration she wanted to study after interacting with faculty. She chose a concentration in water resource planning and also studied sustainable food production and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

As an international student, she didn’t feel like there was a difficult transition due to the small yet diverse program Patel offers. She also felt a personal connection with the international faculty and often could go to one of them when she had a moment of homesickness. Throughout her time at PCGS, Mulamba felt supported by PCGS faculty and staff.

She went on to become the PCGS Academic Capstone Experience (ACE) Program Coordinator. During her time at PCGS, Winnie Mulamba was able to network with fellow alumni through the PCGS Alumni Network group. Through networking and the support of Assistant Director Kelly Gaskell, Office of Student Development, Winnie was selected as the new USF St. Pete Sustainability Planner. Winnie is sure to have a successful career in sustainability and we are proud to see her flourish in her new job.