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PCGS Spring 2024 Graduates

Dylan Wilbar

". We charge forth into the unknown driven by a duty of stewardship, standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, to protect and preserve our Earth." -Dylan Wilbar

The University of South Florida's Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) marked another significant milestone as it honored its graduates during the USF spring commencement held at the Yuengling Center on Friday, May 3. Our college celebrated the accomplishments of a diverse group of 24 students dedicated to advancing sustainability and addressing global environmental challenges.

Among the highlights was an inspiring speech by PCGS graduate Dylan Wilbar, whose journey and words resonated deeply with the attendees. Dylan Wilbar's commencement speech at the Patel College of Global Sustainability emphasized six core values: resilience, persistence, relentlessness, patience, compassion, and love. He suggested these values are fundamental to driving success, which resonated with the collective feelings of the graduating group. Wilbar's message was not just about personal overcoming but also about impacting the world at large. He called on his fellow graduates with a powerful call to action: "Never underestimate your ability to make a change in this world, and no matter how small those actions may be, they're all droplets in a massive wave of social change."

Join us in congratulating our future changemakers and proud PCGS Alumni:

  • Kashae Barrett
  • Chelsi Chavez
  • Yen-Ju Chen
  • Lauren Chrisien
  • Gabriela Cimadevilla
  • Nicholas Dale
  • Kaue Forin
  • Jonathan Friedman
  • Victoria Hart
  • Yun-Ting Huang
  • Molly Hunter
  • Kirsten Hutchings
  • Luke Moeller
  • Srinivas Nalla
  • Timothy Osgood
  • Daniel Ribeiro de Souza Bianco
  • Alexa Sabatini
  • Ramya Samanoor Chih-An Shih
  • Austin Smith
  • Venkata Jayanth Sunkati
  • Dylan Wilbar
  • Parul Khanna
  • Kailyn Lawson
  • Xiaoxiao Li 






More than 7,000 degrees were awarded across the university, with the PCGS graduates standing out for their commitment to making an impact on environmental issues. These students,  from various states and countries, represent the global approach that PCGS promotes.

The commencement was not only a celebration of academic accomplishments but also a reaffirmation of USF’s commitment to shaping future leaders in sustainability. As these new alumni move forward, they carry forward the mission to integrate sustainability into all aspects of development, ready to influence policies and practices on a global scale.

Watch commencement here: USF Spring 2024 Commencement Ceremony | Friday 9am - YouTube

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