Strategic Renewal

Renewal Process and Timeline

In the Fall of 2019, President Currall launched the strategic renewal process for the University of South Florida. Guided by our shared Principles of Community, the process will:

  1. Soliciting feedback from faculty, staff, and students regarding the content of the new
    strategic plan for the university. Mandatory consultations will include, for example,
    engaging with deans, regional chancellors and vice presidents, shared governance
    organizations (e.g., Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Administrative Advisory Council, Student
    Government), Presidential Advisory Councils, all three campuses (including, for example,
    campus faculty councils and campus advisory boards for St. Petersburg and SarasotaManatee), Tampa Bay regional stakeholders (e.g., corporations, governmental officials, K-12 administrators, economic development organizations), alumni and donors, and USF-affiliated unions.
  2. Developing formal vision and strategy statements, ensuring that the university maintains a flexible and agile posture.
  3. Articulating a list of the university’s core commitments and/or values.
  4. Assessing One USF’s existing strengths and current gaps relative to our aspirations.
  5. Describing the university’s opportunities, sources of differentiation and sustainable
    advantage, and contemporary societal dynamics that might shape USF’s success in the
    context of the competitive landscape of higher education.
  6. Articulating an optimal strategy for the entire institution, not for individual colleges, units,
    or campuses.

The process will further build upon fundamental documents and activities outlined in the timeline below.