Academic Affairs and Student Success Leadership Resource Guide

New Policies & State Statutes

As state statutes or USF policies change, this section will be updated with relevant information for faculty and administrators to learn more. 

New State Statutory Requirements

Click on the links below for additional information and links to the bill language. 

House Bill 233 Intellectual and Viewpoint Diversity Act

House Bill 233 Intellectual and Viewpoint Diversity Act was signed into law by Governor DeSantis and took effect on July 1, 2021. The bill requires each university to conduct an annual assessment of intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity utilizing a survey selected by the FL BOG. 

The bill also indicates that a student may audio or video record (including use of cell phones) class lectures (i.e. instructor-delivered academic content – including guest lecturers) for their personal use. Recordings of other students, class participation, or discussion will not be permitted. Students do not need advance permission or to provide notice to record. A recorded lecture may not be published (posted or shared) without the written consent of the lecturer.

Review an update from Provost Wilcox here, further guidance may be forthcoming.

House Bill 7017 Foreign Influence

House Bill 7017 outlines the following provisions regarding foreign influence: 

  • Requires disclosure of gifts, contracts and grants from foreign sources. 
  • Institutes limitations on international cultural agreements with “countries of concern”  and adds a requirement to share with federal agencies.
  • Requires pre-screening of foreign researchers (including graduate and undergraduate students).
  • Requires pre-approval of foreign travel and annual reporting requirements.

House Bill 1261 Higher Education

House Bill 1261 outlines the following provisions for institutions of higher education: 

  • Requires state universities to deliver career planning and publish an institutional dashboard online.
  • Requires BOT-approved procedures to connect undergraduate students to career planning and coaching during their first year.
  • Introduces the Programs of Strategic Emphasis BOGO waiver program for eligible students in: Information technology; Computer engineering; Management information systems; Civil engineering; Electrical and electronics engineering; Computer and information sciences; Mathematics, and Physics.
  • Introduces the Free Seat Program and Grandparents Waiver.

Senate Bill 1108 Education, Civics Literacy

This bill has been updated to include the following: 

Baccalaureate graduation requires a passing score on an assessment and completion of a civic literacy course (in American History or American Government).

House Bill 5601 Higher Education

House Bill 5601 expands the existing state university administrator salary cap of $200,000 from state funds to include all university faculty excluding those in specified, high demand disciplines.


Updated USF Regulations and Policies

The following are newly revised and relevant regulations and policies, each one has been hyperlinked to a document for additional information. A more complete repository of USF regulations and policies can be found here.