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Academic advising is an essential component of the Provost's Scholars Program experience. We work alongside your departmental advisors to ensure the highest level of degree completion for Provost's Scholars. Academic advising will help you define and achieve your goals throughout the PSP Foundational Experiences to make the most of your time at USF. We require all Provost's Scholars to check in with us at least once per semester.

USF advisor helping student

Academic advising through the Provost's Scholars Program does not replace advising through academic departments. Be sure to visit your major advisor at least once per semester as well.

You can make an appointment to see the Provost's Scholars staff by calling (813) 974-3087, emailing, or stopping by the student assistant desk in ALN 241.

Advising Appointment Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

Provost Scholars Advising Update!

The Provost’s Scholars Advisor is now available for "walk in" advising through the Archivum Drop In tool.

Sign in to Archivum, select Honors College as the advising unit, and then "Get in Line." When it's your turn, the advisor on duty will call you on your phone or through Microsoft Teams, depending on which you select. Make sure you're ready and answer the phone or video call. We hope this helps you maintain contact with your advisor during the registration season and through the end of the semester. Click Here for more detailed instructions!