Student Frequently Asked Questions


Can I submit a request via email without the form?

Yes. Students can send an email request from their USF email to AlternativeCalendar@usf.edu with the following information: Name, USF ID number, CRN, Subject, Number, Section, and Credit Hours.

What is the processing timeframe?

Requests are processed in the order they are received. Processing time is 3-5 business days.

What if I get an error (ex.: closed section, permit required, time conflict, etc.) while trying to register?

Reach out to the department that offers the course and request an override/permit. Visit our Permits page for more information.


Why can’t my parents conduct USF business without me? They pay the bill!

If you are 18 or have attended at least one class meeting at USF, your education records are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (1974) (FERPA), regardless of who pays the bill. Now that you’re enrolled at USF, you are expected to complete registration, payment arrangements, etc. on your own and submit information on behalf of your parents and claimants.

Can my parents (or another third party) be given access to review my student record information?

Yes. Please visit the Student Privacy Rights page for information on what a third party will have access to and how to submit a Student Record Access Authorization form.

I don’t have access to a computer. Can you tell me my final grades?

There are two ways to find out your final grades. You may look them up through OASIS, or you may request a transcript.

Can my parents access OASIS to pay my bill?

USF does not currently provide third party access to OASIS. You are strongly advised not to share your log-in information with anyone, as you are held responsible for all actions taken through OASIS.

You may log-on to OASIS in the presence of your parents or spouse, if they  wish to view your current account balance and help you pay online. Your parents may also wish to have a copy of your grades and current class schedule, which you can print from OASIS.

Can my parents request a letter certifying that I am enrolled as a full-time student at USF?

Often your parents or spouse need a letter of certification about your enrollment to provide to an employer for tuition benefits or to insurance companies to for continued coverage and/or receive a discounted rate. Enrollment certifications of enrollment are available to students self-serve in OASIS after the end of drop/add each semester/term. The Office of the Registrar is also available to process proof of enrollment requests.

Can I permanently block access to my student record?

Yes, you can place additional safeguards on your student record information. See the menu item above to restrict access to your student record.

What are common directory information disclosures?

Permission to release, or communicate personally identifiable information, commonly include: an enrollment verification to your insurance company, a degree verification to a prospective employer, your name and contact information listed in the internal USF Directory, or your names and awards published in Commencement and Honors programs.

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