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Some courses are restricted by their respective college or department, and require permission (or a permit) to register. Schedule Planner will alert you when a permit is required. In order to register for these courses, you must contact the specific department offering the course.

  • If approved, the college or department will issue the permit electronically in Banner (OASIS).
  • Post approval, students must register via OASIS for the class on their own using the distinct CRN corresponding with the class that has received the override or permit.
  • The student is then responsible for all tuition & fees related to the course by the deadline for the semester.



An inability to register for a particular course does not necessarily indicate that a permit is required. Registration in a particular course can be blocked for several reasons. Errors can occur when the registration system does not recognize your prerequisite, co-requisite, or exam credit. Registration can also be restricted based on your major code. If you are unable to register, OASIS will display a registration-add error message.


Frequently requested Permits

Click on a link to be redirected to the appropriate permit request page.

Is the department you're looking for not on the list? Contact the Office of the Registrar at 813-974-2000 for additional assistance.

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