USF Guidance on Disclosing Foreign Relationships


USF Guidance on Disclosing Foreign Relationships

The University of South Florida is an engaged, global research university dedicated to excellence in education, research, service and outreach in Florida and around the world. USF is committed to creating opportunities for the global exchange of people and ideas that promote intercultural competence and appreciation, and building robust and sustainable partnerships necessary for innovative and cooperative solutions to global challenges. International research partners, students and scholars and the open exchange of ideas are imperative to the university’s research and educational missions.

As a globally engaged institution, USF is mindful of the federal government’s heightened concerns regarding the influence of foreign governments and entities on federally funded research. As such, disclosures of Outside Activity, Other Support and Significant Financial Interests must be made completely and timely. Full transparency is expected by federal agencies and USF.

This website provides details on communications from federal entities, programs and policies in place at USF to protect you and your research, FAQs and examples of problematic situations and contracts provided by the U.S. Senate.

A Message to the USF Faculty: Guidance on Disclosing Foreign Relationships (PDF)
The University of South Florida values its research community and recognizes the significant public benefit that comes from your scientific advances and discoveries, many of which would not be possible without our international faculty, students and staff and global collaborations. Faculty are asked to review this recent message on disclosing foreign research relationships.