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USF AI+X Network

AI+X Network


The USF AI+X Network connects faculty researchers and industry leaders in artificial intelligence to tackle new challenges and questions in this ever-evolving field. The network continues the conversations begun at USF’s AI+X Corporate Forum in February 2020. 

Network meetings will be held regulary throughout the year. For more information or to join the network, please email

Past Event

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 2021, 2:00PM - 3:00PM

USF's AI+X Network Summer Alumni Spotlight meeting will showcase USF alumni in artificial intelligence roles across industries. Panelists will share their experiences and perceptions of AI's expanding role within their companies and industries. 

Featured Presenters

Andrea Bruno

Andrea Bruno
Director, Implementation Consulting, Abe AI

Andrea Bruno has spent her 20-year career motivating teams to think creatively in order to solve complex technology products. Combining a background of product management and business development, Andrea has experience working across multiple facets of the tech industry which has resulted in her success in selling and developing disruptive technologies in FinTech, semiconductors, and SaaS markets. She has a B.S. of Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida and Masters of Business Administration from Wake Forest University. 


Mauricio Castillo-Effen

Dr. Mauricio Castillo-Effen
Head of Trustworthy Autonomy and AI, Lockheed Martin

Mauricio Castillo-Effen is a Senior Researcher at Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Laboratories. He leads the Trustworthy Autonomy and AI pillar, focused on developing tools and methodology addressing the demanding challenges of Verification, Validation, Test, and Certification of autonomous and AI-enabled systems. In his over-25-year engineering career, Dr. Castillo-Effen has been active in research and teaching in the US and abroad. He holds Ph.D., Msc, and B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Controls and Robotics from the University of South Florida, the University of San Simon/TU Delft (Bolivia), and the University of Applied Sciences of Hannover (Germany).


Sanjay Nichani Headshot
Sanjay Nichani
Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, Peloton Interactive

With over 25 years of experience in Computer Vision (CV) and AI, and numerous patents, Sanjay Nichani has invented and led numerous R&D teams to develop technology that now power many products globally. At Peloton he currently leads the AI/CV team to build fitness products that provide members an opportunity to discover the best versions of themselves. Prior  to that he was at Acuant where he was the VP of CV and Machine Learning team working on document forensics technologies for detecting fraud. Before that he was the VP of Mitek Labs R&D group, where he led the development of CoreFlow, a Deep Learning based image processing pipeline for Identity Verification from ground up. He also founded Merakona Inc., a company that developed 3D sensor technology for access control systems to detect intrusion, this was white-labeled by two door manufacturing companies. Prior to this he was the Director of Advanced Products at Cognex Corporation the leading machine vision company for factory automation where he developed the industry leading geometric pattern matching technology PatMax, and also spearheaded the development of an embedded stereo sensor for people counting. He has advanced degrees in Business from Babson College and Computer Science from University of South Florida.


Network meetings will be held regulary throughout the year. For more information or to join the network, please email

About the USF Institute for Artificial Intelligence + X

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence + X is a university wide research and education center for Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to establish a world-class academic R&D center at the University of South Florida to conduct externally-funded research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and associated areas (X = Healthcare, Medicine, Cybersecurity, Finance, Business, Manufacturing, Transportation) using a transdisciplinary approaches. The Institute works with industry to transition this research into products that benefit humanity in an ethical and responsible manner.


Sudeep Sarkar

Dr. Sudeep Sarkar
Co-Director, USF Institute for AI+X

Dr. Sarkar has more than 25-year expertise in computer vision and pattern recognition algorithms and systems, holds 10 U.S. patents, licensed technologies, and has published high-impact journal and conference papers. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering AIMBE, and a Fellow and member of the Board of Directors of the National Academy of Inventors. 


Larry Hall

Dr. Larry Hall
Co-Director, USF Institute for AI+X

Lawrence O. Hall received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Florida State University and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the Florida Institute of Technology. He is a fellow of the IEEE, AAAS, AIMBE, and IAPR. His research interests lie in learning from big data, distributed machine learning, medical image understanding, bioinformatics, pattern recognition, modeling imprecision in decision making, and integrating AI into image processing