Technology Transfer / Patents & Licensing

Revenue Incentive Patent Cost Sharing Program

The Revenue Incentive Patent Cost Sharing Program (Revenue Incentive) is a new one-year pilot program which provides USF inventors the opportunity to increase their share of income from the licensing of their eligible inventions. Participating Inventors would pay twenty five percent (25%) of all direct costs incurred by the USF System in protecting, maintaining, licensing, and preserving patent rights in exchange for a five percent (5%) increase in Net Revenue for eligible inventions. Eligible inventions include United States (US) patent filings only that are not under a current option, license, or commercialization agreement. Eligible inventions may include new, issued, or currently pending US patent filings that are not jointly owned with another institution or entity. Only named inventors on the patent or patent application can participate by executing a non-negotiable Revenue Incentive Agreement. USF's Revenue Incentive Program is offering inventors an innovative way to invest in themselves and their research.

For more information contact the Technology Transfer Office at 813-974-0994.