Boating Safety

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the University of South Florida's Boating Safety Program is to effectively provide training, support and oversight for the operators of small vessels used in research. As such, we must develop and implement university policy; adopt acceptable community standards for training; educate and train members in both safe and environmentally sound boating practices.

The purpose of the Boating Safety Program is to ensure that all USF research related boating is conducted in a manner that will maximize protection of passengers from accidental injury, and to set forth standards for training and certification for USF personnel and their affiliates.


The USF Boating program is responsible for all USF sanctioned research activities involving the use of small vessels. This widespread reach applies to all individuals who wish to operate any vessel used for research under the auspices of the USF regardless of ownership. This includes all disciplines at the University of South Florida and the Florida Institute of Oceanography along with any of the USF affiliate groups.