Conflict of Interest

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Conflict of Interest in Research Program is to ensure that the integrity of research is maintained during all phases of research (e.g., design, conduct and reporting), and preserve the public trust in the university while also promoting entrepreneurship among the research community. As such, it is crucial for researchers to realize that having a secondary financial interest in research is not illegal or unethical, as long as such interests are disclosed to the university and managed appropriately.

The purpose of the Conflict of Interest Program is to review and manage all potential financial conflicts of interest as well as personal conflicts of interest that have the potential to bias research.


Research Integrity & Compliance's Conflict of Interest Program applies to all USF investigators who conduct research, whether involving human subjects, animals or basic science.

For Additional Information:

The Conflict of Interest program has provided a number of policies and procedures for investigators to reference when determining whether a conflict exists. These policies and procedures, along with a set of frequently asked questions about the program, may be found on this website.