Resources for SRAs - EC

Resources for SRAs

What SRAs Need to Know

A research administrator views all facets of a research project, from proposal to funding, and can serve to identify possible export control issues at the earliest possible stage. SRAs need to be aware of potential export control issues in order to recognize and bring them to the attention of the Export Control Officer.

Brief Guide to Export Control Review

A review of projects and contract provisions to determine whether and how a particular research projected is affected by export control regulations. Export-controlled research must be managed in a way that ensures it is conducted in full compliance with the law.

Troublesome Contract Clauses

Summary of the most commonly encountered troublesome clauses at the prime contract and subcontract level.

Export Controls & Universities - Case Studies

Export Controls and Universities: Information and Case Studies (COGR Brochure): Basic information to help faculty, academic officers, and university administrators identify how and when export control issues may arise.

Fundamental Research and Export Control

The definition of fundamental research and the Fundamental Research Exclusion.