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Additional Information

IACUC Certification of Research Personnel

Faculty, researchers and staff who work with vertebrate animals or tissues must be certified by the IACUC as having adequate knowledge and experience to perform their duties.

Occupational Health & Safety

Comparative Medicine and University Health Administration provide personnel working with animals with occupational health and safety information and services.

USF IACUC Satellite Facility Requirements

This information outlines the requirements and expectations of the USF IACUC regarding satellite facilities. While the IACUC recommends the use of centralized animal housing whenever possible, there may be research or circumstances that require the use of a satellite facility when justified to and approved by the IACUC.

Collaboration and Visiting Scientists

Collaborations - Interinstitutional Collaboration and Visiting Scientists: All research activities performed under the direction of USF personnel or supported by USF-managed funds at a non-USF facility must comply with USF's policies and procedures, as well as those of the host-institution, with the institution that owns the animals maintaining primary oversight responsibility.

Comparative Medicine

Comparative Medicine contributes to a greater understanding of life through studies that define and compare complex living organisms and processes.


Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) Blogs, Lab Animal Journal, Institute of Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR) Journal, Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare Online Seminars

Use of Animal Tissues

All about the USF requirements for animal tissue use, the acquisition of animal tissues, and the occupational health and safety principles and hazards associated with their use.

Reporting Deficiencies (PDF)

Reporting Deficiencies in Animal Care or Treatment: Reporting concerns, deficiencies, or observations made regarding the adequacy or appropriateness of the facilities, program, principles, or procedures contributes to the oversight, development, and improvement of the program for animal care and use, and contributes to the resolution of the concern or deficiency.

IACUC Suggestion Box

The administrative staff is constantly striving to make the researcher's interaction with the IACUC a more user friendly experience. We are always looking for ways to make the process better. The Suggestion Box allows you to submit your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our process.