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Why Connect & Learn?

This new initiative is our opportunity to collaborate with experts to develop articles on finance, marketing, funding, and business development to help entrepreneurs prevail through these times.

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What to Know About: Recruiting, Applicants Qualifications, and Interview Platforms
Lynn Chisholm from the USF Office of Internships and Career Readiness outlined simple steps to adapt your company to online recruiting, including important questions to ask your applicants, and different options on how to offer professional opportunities for students while working remotely.


How to Keep Your Business on the Rails in an Off-The-Rails Economy

Brad Kugler, CEO of DirectMail2.0, shares with USF CONNECT insightful tips that address how to prioritize business relations and identify opportunities in hard times.


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High-Tech Startups: Thriving Doing Remote Work
The article is a useful guide for high-tech companies on adhering to regulations while performing essential research. We compiled helpful advice on how to navigate these changing times and outlined simple steps to adapt your company to remote work.