Technology Incubator

Council of Professionals

The distinguished USF CONNECT Council of Professionals comprises accomplished executives and serial entrepreneurs hailing from the vibrant Tampa Bay area. Our esteemed Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are driven by an unwavering commitment to imparting their profound real-world knowledge and experience, thereby fortifying the endeavors of aspiring entrepreneurs within the incubator.


Collaborating seamlessly with USF CONNECT leadership, the Council plays a pivotal role in championing the triumphs of the incubator and its community entrepreneyrs and innovators. Regular convenings with incubator-affiliated companies underscore the Council's dedication to meticulously assessing progress, defining pivotal milestones, offering sagacious counsel, and facilitating introductions to influential contacts within their expansive network.

Beyond these vital interactions, Council members contribute significantly to the intellectual fabric of the entrepreneurial community. They serve as distinguished speakers at our webinars, workshops, and featured events, wherein their presentations provide a nuanced and pragmatic perspective on an array of subjects vital to business success and professional development. This symbiotic relationship between the Council and the incubator cultivates an environment wherein practical insights and strategic guidance seamlessly converge, fostering an ecosystem where innovation thrives and entrepreneurial aspirations are transformed into tangible accomplishments.

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